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>> The soldiers who protecting Petroleum Construction (Part 1)

Mentioning to the petroleum security forces, even people who working in the petroleum industry also find it difficult to indicate the differences between PV Security and other companies providing security services. This is easy to explain because currently there are more than 500 companies providing security services in the nationwide, if you look it up on the Internet, there are more than 2.2 million results related to the security services business. Normally, many companies in our country are hiring security guards for the only purpose of helping customer in vehicles parking…That why when the business getting difficult, the bosses immediately think of getting rid of security guards without any concerns regarding to the consequence when security incidents happen.
Part 2: Security guards must be professional
The beginning of PetroVietnam security guards
In the month of May 2016, I had the opportunity to participate in an incident regarding some households in Tien Hai – Thai Binh province infringing the safety corridor of the gas pipeline of Ham Rong – Thai Binh gas field. The investors of project - PetroVietnam Gas Corporation (PV Gas) has handled the incident in a reasonable way, with the agreement of Thai Binh province management and the local households. Witness from beginning till the end, I was more impressed by the Petrovietnam guards when knowing that oil and gas pipeline route is dozen kilometers long, and there are exactly two guards took turns patrolling around the both day and night. When discovering the intrusion of people into pipeline safety corridor, the security guards immediately remind them and makerecord. But getting back are their insults, threatening to attack or kill.
Understanding the mentality of local people, so even when theyoverreacted, security guards patiently explained and convinced them to voluntarily cooperate. The incident was handled nicely, but many times but I still creepy when wondering if PV Security guards neglected patrol, did not timely discover nearly ten households are digging in the area of high pressure pipeline, how terrible the consequence is when the accident occurred. Because high pressure gas pipeline is like a bombs with great destructive power when exploding, can blow the whole house a few dozen meters in radius.
Patrol vessel in Marine Jetty area.
From the story in the Thai Binh province, I remember that the establishment of Petrovietnam came from extremely ironic context. More than 8 years ago, when the Dung Quat refinery project- the first refinery in Vietnam was in the stage off equipment installation and preparing for commissioning, there was a meeting with strange contents in the project history. The contractors want to give up due toinsecurity situation on site, especially the theft of materials and equipment. Lots of petroleum industry employees participated in the construction and operation of Dung Quat oil refinery still remember the meeting was as tense as strings while Russian contractor confirmed that the project will not be completed if thefts occurs continuously. At that time, the Chairman PVN, now the Commissioner of Politburo, the Party Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Dinh La Thang immediately decided to set up a professional security force, focused qualified people, dedicated to protect the oil and gas projects. And just days later,PetroVietnam Security Corporation was establishedmerging entire security force from the units in the oil and gas industry in nationwide.
Human live is the most important property.
After the incident in central children hospital regarding the argument and dispute between guards and ambulance drivers, many messy things about security guards was analyzed by journalists. But no one mentions the security guards training and the basis to evaluate a professional security force which getting higher and higher demand of society. When I brought this question to ask Mr. Vu Khanh Vinh - Director of PV Security Reporter, he said: "To assess a security force is professional or not, it not yet needed to consider work performance but firstly the process of training, recruitment and promotion".
It is so true! For example, many companies have very simple procedures of employee recruitment, everyone with health and personal profile document is accepted. Meanwhile, PV Security guards have to undergo through many process, from admission, review resumes, skills training in SWAT police training center of the Ministry of Public Security. In other words, all PV Security guardshad been trained as SWAT policemen for at least 6 months. Once eligible, they are challenged in multiple locations, different security targets. During that time, employees with good achievement and morals are constantly being sent for training programs to improve the skills of criminal psychology, using technical assistance equipment. The foundation of PV Security guard must achieve passable or upward from items such as discipline training, martial arts, security orders, using of crime prevention tools and equipment of police force.
Coming to Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemicals project, the key projects of economic and energy fields, I sighted a series of measures on security operations, the seamless coordination between specialized patrol team, quick response team, the security operation team (specialized for crime detection, prevention and investigation.). Moreover, there is a network of collaborators so called security agents in the 8 communes surrounding project. Therefore, I was not too surprised to see here many security devices such as high-tech metal detectors doors, weapons, under vehicles searching cameras, security dogs ... are applied similar to the "hot spots" in the nerve center of the country as the My Dinh National Conference Center or National Assembly Building.
PVS Security guards escorting oil carrying vehicles in the construction site.
At the project entrance, each entrance is equipped with magnetic door can detect metal, weapons hidden inside people. This is the metal detectors of the most advanced form; each door has the ability to scan the 6 regions detected on the grid according to the basic structure of the human body. Also they are appliedwith advanced digital technology and interactive pulse emitting and receiving sensors to accurately locate metal, avoiding blind spots. The sensitivity of this device is set according to the actual situation of the application without affecting the keys, jewelry, money ... but it can still detect the knife and handgun. The highest sensitivity can test a small metal piece as a staple. The metal detectors are integrated "magic eye" infrared scanning that can capture the signal promptly, thereby avoiding errors when people are going through. At the same time ultra-fast scanning speed of 60-70 people / minutes also helps control the number of people passing through the door correctly. Every single metal detector doorhas lowest price to more than 30 million / set. Along with metal detectors, PV Security also uses hundreds of security tools such as camera detector chassis, supporting tools such as rubber bullet guns, electric batons ... to detect and handle crimes.
I was especially impressed by the story of the security dogs. This force is trained professionally, efficiently to support during night patrol, discovered numerous illegal intrusion into the project. Referring to the security dogs, the guards always give the dog the special feelings. Mr. Vu Khanh Vinh also announced that he will transferred 02 more dogs to support in project during peak period. In terms of“profile”, the process of training, certificates, the dogs have good profile for up to three generations, were trained and graduated at the school of the famous dog training center in Europe and America. As for qualifications, needless to say, "these guys" that can detect hundreds smells of drugs, explosives, weapons. We had "challenged" them by hiding explosive material in in project campus. Yet only a few minutes, "the super dog " found right away explosive materials was buried under the sand in front of the astonishment and admiration of people.
In those days in Nghi Son, I had sometimes looked for Mr. Le Dang Ngoc,PVS security guard at gate number 5, who has refused the bribes from a thief in construction site. But unfortunately he was on leave to visit family. Mr. Tran Manh Luc - Chief Administratorof PV Security Nghi Son just laughed and said: “The story of guards not taking bribes is very common here. Not many thief bribing but there are a lot of drivers exceed limit speed regulations try to give "lucky money" as a "habit". The guards have to remind then reported to the main contractor to handle by confiscate ID cards.”
Looking at bright smile on tanned face of Mr. Luc I realized one thing that no company from the "troops to leader" to have the in common that is getting blackened by the sun. I feel keenly about their motto "Security guard is a profession that people are the greatest asset, play the most important roles". Not only doing good their duties, but they also have a lot of heroic action when ready to jump to the fire to save people, to extinguish the fire, picking up asset then return to owner, saving the people in traffic accidents… The PVS Security guards are developing a beautiful culture of the Petroleum industry.
For conclusion
Security in Nghi Son Economic Zone is still a complicated problem, in which, the most complicated one is the road 513 (heading to Nghi Son Port). This is an important road connecting 36 Nation Highway and Nghi Son Economic Zone, go through many essential factory such as Nghi Son Thermal, Nghi Son cement factory, PTSC port and especially goes alongside the Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemicals Project. It can be see by naked eyes that,It is only 30m far from the sidewalk to the perimeter fence, important equipment of project.
Checking and controlling people going in and out the construction site
Previously, the households living, building shops, even grazing cows, buffalos on this road is the potential risk of loss of security and traffic safety for factory with high level of safety. It is more worrying that fishermen routinely violate safety corridor of the marine works of NSRP Project, in the first 6 months of 2016 occurred more than 300 cases, dozens of fishing with explosives, storing illegal explosives ... causing loss of security, safety getting more complicated. So whether police forces, border army force in Nghi Son, Thanh Hoa province efforts but the risk of insecurity remains high potential and might happen with unpredictable consequences.
We think that, the Thanh Hoa provincial authorities need to immediately deploy security plan to ensure the safety of the entire region ofNghi Son Economic Zone as vehicle checkpoints set up at the beginning of the road heading toto the economic zone (intersections between 36 Highway and road 513), construction of a road or splitting the entire population, fishing areas out of ​​Nghi Son economic zone ... Only do so, the detection and prevention of the risk of losing the security and safety for the Nghi Son economic zone in general and the NSRP project in particular could get better.
So far, only Decree No. 06/2013 / ND-CP by the Government dated 9-1-2013 instructs the protection of enterprise. In order to well implement the prevention and fighting against crime, protecting asset and human lives of the agencies and businesses against crime, we think it is needed to develop some of regulations in line with reality. For example, need more specific provisions on the powers and supporting tools for work of security guards in the fight against crime. Especially provisions in the policy regime for security guards who work in key projects of nation security with high economic value, on the oil rigs, on board of the ship... In my opinion, it is worthy for the silent sacrifices in the fight against crime, protecting the projects, facility with great value of economic and energy security of Vietnam as the security guards ofPVSecurity.
PV Security is a member company under the PetroVietnam Technical Services Corporation (PTSC) with more than 3,000 employees. Total security guards of the PV Security in Nghi Son is 800 employees. In Thanh Hoa, there are 7 areas undertaken by PVS guards include: Construction of NSRP Project, 2 warehouses and yards for materials and equipment of JGCS Consortium, JGCS accommodation service complex, construction area of PTSC ​​Thanh Hoa, PTSC Quang Ngai office and the scaffolding gathering yard of Kaefer Vietnam LLC.