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Dung Quan oil refinery is called as the heart Dung Quat Economic Zone. This is one of the top facilities among the most important projects related to national security. Therefore, ensuring absolute security and safety for the plant is particularly important task ...
There is no exception, event Prime Minister.
During the inspection visit to Binh Son Refinery Limited Liability Company (BSR), the management agency of Dung Quat oil refinery recently, Prime Minister Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc and the delegation of the Government, all got on the vehicle prepared by the company to go to the areas to observe the entire plant.
Someone has asked, why Prime Minister had to get on the same vehicle? I, as the writer of this article also wondered, wanted to make it clear. But then the vehicles carrying Prime Minister has shifted gear, the vehicle carrying journalists also follow soon, so we did not know who to ask. A few days later, when conditions permit, we asked the officers in the BSR Safety Department, they said, in the factory area it is mandatory to use a specialized vehicle for entering the plant.
All motor vehicles operating in the plant must have the permission and have to ensure absolute safety regarding fire and explosion. All vehicles the device must be equipped with exhaust spark device, all devices creating fire, flammable materials in the factory area are prohibited ... It was already clear, because of the absolute safety, while in the factory, the Prime Minister also has no exception.
Dung Quat oil refinery was approved by the government as the facility that being protected at highest levels of nation. It means the level of security and safety must be maintained very strictly. All the best rules follow the principle of "rigid" and immutable. In certain field, the "rigid" cause nuisance, offensive, even "miss out" ... But the "rigid" in the Dung Quat oil refinery is compulsory and indispensable, even though smallest details.
Let’s imagine, Dung Quat Oil Refinery included 14 technology workshops, 8 products tanks, 10 auxiliary workshops, 8 peripheral workshops, crude oil tank system, feeder tubs, spread over an area of ​​about 345ha. There is also a plant for producing polypropylene; product pipeline system, with a length of over 7km from the factory to the seaway shipment port, the port systems with cluster products warehouse, the total transfer station, with hundreds of turns each month.
In particular, there isthe oil pouring station (SPM), an important item located nearly 10 knots onshore. The entire scope of protection both on land and in the sea is not just 810ha but up to thousands of hectares. With a complex system spreading on land and in the sea, Dung Quat oil refinery is the most important facility of the Vietnam Oil and Gas industry currently. If there are no strict rules, only a small first miscarriage might cause incalculable consequences.
Security guards coordinate with mobile police to patrol and protect the refinery
The main security force in the factory has nearly 200 factory employees and officers - the "professional security guards" of PetroVietnam Security Service Corporation - Central Region Branch (PVSecurity Central Region). They undertake all stages, from outside, to the next inside round. Personnel and vehicles entering the plant must be gone through three rounds of checking including: metal scanners; X-ray scanners; and the direct examination of the staff of PVSecurity Region Central.
 From 10-9-2013, security forces Dung Quat oil refinery has added 27 police officers –Mobile Police Department of Quang Ngai province. This is the specialized armed police force, performance tasks 24/24 at 8 blockhouses around the plant. Along with that, there's maritime patrol of Quang Ngai province Border Army.
In addition to performing the function of preventing, detecting, and handling acts of illegal selling, buying, exchanging of crude oil and petroleum products in the port area Dung Quat refinery, the marinepatrols team has another very important task is to protect the crude oil importing port SPM; Product port, crude oil pipelines, seawater pipelines, preventing and dealing with cases of people, vehicles to cause insecurity, safety of offshore construction.
Dung Quat oil refinery - the heart of the Dung Quat Economic Zone has been strictly protected as above.
Each meter of land, each behavior is monitored
It is not exaggerated when saying so. Remembering, in May 8-2012 we had a talk with the leader of PVSecurity Central Region. When they had just spent 2 months working in special protection, because Dung Quat refinery stopped the operation for overall periodical maintenance. This is a time when PVSecurity Central Region had to mobilize personnel as twice as the normal period.
Increasing the manpower to double, because then there were thousands of experts, with many different nationalities of the contractors participating in maintenance. Then, materials, equipment, and vehicles entering and leaving ... Mr. Nguyen Viet Thanh, patrol team leader said: During the maintenance of the plant, all the harmful elements must be discovered and stopped. From the vessels operating off the coast, the eyes of security guards must know to detect the abnormality, to the people in the plant must also be examined very closely, preventing them from carrying lighter, cigarette… In short, the inspection and control is for the purpose to detect and prevent all these factors might cause unsafety.
That time, the Border Army in Quang Ngai has not yet participated in the protection of the "target" of the Dung Quat oil refinery at sea, the mainresponsible force is PVSecurity Central Region.The SPM oil pumping buoy, is the "connector" of crude oil from tankers in the plant. Nearly10 knots far from shore, playing an important role in the operation of the plant, so  PVSecurity Central Region had to assigned a force with a vessel for 24/24 on protection duties.
 It is called force, but in fact there are only 6 people. With a vessel and 6 people, how to observe and handle all of theoccurred situations, to ensure absolute security for the entire region of SPM buoy and shipment port. Although the force is small in quantity, but all of the mobility around the area will be closely monitored by a system in the high point on the shore, with a special camera-equipped, with the view up to 50 km range. All the signals obtained from the camera is analyzed in time and immediately notify to the force at sea. Only in 2011 and the first 6 months of 2012, nearly 60 cases strange vessels invading were detected and prevented in time.
That is on the sea, what is about the protection onshore! If traveling by motorcycle or car around the factory, it takes more than 2 hours. In that wide plant, PVSecurity Central leaders claimed: a meter of land, an act occurs in anywhere around the plant are also being closely monitored. This is true, but absolutely not "overstate" for dread.
At the perimeter fence area a special alarm system was installed. This system is responsible for "identifying" the initial intrusion. All intrusive behavior (whether people or wildlife) signals are automatically transferred to the posts in each area. Upon receiving a "signal" alarm, the key visual surveillance camera start to find the intrusive action. All images, data is transmitted directly to the command center to determine the handling plan.
Aside from the alarm system, there are special camera system with closed installation, operating 24/24 hours. This camera system conduct scanning and does not missed any meters of land in perimeter fence areas around factory. Finally, there are the watchtowers are arranged at a high point, with wide visibility and security guards assigned on duty continuously day and night. There is also a mobile patrol force, with a well-trained security dog group ...
With a professional security system, PVSecurity Central Region security guards has detected and prevented in time many cases of the local people burning fiels near pipeline corridors and product tank areas. Together with local authorities and Safety Committee of the factory, PV Security has been extinguishing dozens of fires caused by above acts, ensuring absolute safety from the outer ring of Dung Quat refinery.
Steel fence and the hearts of people.
Up to now, the work of security and safety for the Dung Quat oil refinery, apart from the professional force of PVSecurity Central Region, there is the participation of Police, Border Guard, Military Command of Quang Ngai province.
In addition to the signing of regulations on coordination between BSR and above forces, BSR also coordinates with local authority forces to often organize exercises such as anti-terrorist exercises; fire drills; riot rehearsal; carry infantry maneuvers; drill for oil spill response ...
The drill is in collaboration with police and military organization; BSR self-organized; The average number of annual drills is up to 60, including big and small drills. Through such exercises, BSR has been raising awareness, problem solving skills for officers and employees. The plans of dealing with emergency incidents in the workshops of the factory so be practicedand actually, they has successfully handled many incidents.
Fire drills in Dung Quat Refinery.
It is determined that the assurance of fire safety (FPF) is the work to be  at top priority. BSR has drastically organizations deploy and implement tasks such as: assigning staff to regularly monitor the implementation of the rules and regulations on fire protection; strictly handle violations of rules and regulations on fire safety; remind all employees thoroughly understand the policies and requirements of the Fire Protection Law, to raise awareness of employees on fire safety; develop procedures to respond to emergency situations, coordination procedures to handle explosive situations in the area of ​​the plant ...
Also BSR has invested 4 fire specialized firetruck, fully equipped with special equipment for rescue teams during emergency incidents such as heat-resistant clothing, SCBA breathing gas tanks, gas meter ... Every year, Company provide sufficient funds for additional equipment for fire protection equipment, fire protection system maintenance firefighting training ... in accordance with the laws of firefighting.
At this point there BSR fire firefighting teams working in the manufacturing sector with more than 160 soldiers, as employees who are directly engaged in operation and maintenance of the plant. All these personnel, has been trained and issued the certificates by Firefighting department of Quang Ngai Provincial Police.
At the end of 2015, BSR management and Directors of Quang Ngai Provincial Police held a summary meeting of 5 years' implementation of the regulation to coordinate ensure securityand 2 year of deployment of armed forces.
Colonel Ngo Thanh Trang, Director of Quang Ngai Provincial Police confirmed: From 10-2010 to 10-2015, security forces were thoroughly functional and effective implementation of preventive measures to detect and confront with other types of crime; contributing to the awareness raising, the responsibility to protect important works related to the national security, Party members and people, mobilize the political system for the protection of plant. Security and safety in the Dung Quat oil refinery region was ensuredstably; It is essential conditions for Dung Quat refinery in particular and BSR in general to organizeeffective production - business
Armed Police Force protecting Dung Quat oil refinery has performed at 8 posts with 24/24 shift, 2756 shifts in total, respectively 20180 turns of officers and soldiers involved. In the second overall maintenance phase, Police held 378 shifts armed guards protect, with 3556 turns of soldiers engaged; coordinate to conduct the inspection and control of materials exported 1,300 turns of vehiclesgoing out, 2,000 turns of vehicles entering; 57 vessels, 48 turns of plastic beads vehicles, and nearly 1,300 tankers receiving products at the plant.
Quang Ngai Provincial Party Committee Secretary, Mr. Le Viet Chu has repeatedly affirmed Dung Quat oil refinery, not just the property of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, but also the main assets of Quang Ngai. Protection by professional force is urgently needed, but despite numerous professional it is, still cannot be compared with "cumulative" heart of the people. Leaders of Quang Ngai province has mobilized political system work together to protect the security and safety of the plant.
And "cumulative" heart of the people was built in the consciousness of people. The Heart of Dung Quat in has been covered by Quang Ngai people, Binh Son District People, and strongly beating in the peace of the countryside where is rich of revolutionary and aspirations to thrive.