PetroVietnam’s Labor Union support employees of PV Security to build new house as a part of Cozy Union program

On 26th August, 2016, in Hanoi, PetroVietnam and the Labor Union of PetroVietnam held the opening ceremony of the 9th Petroleum Cultural Week. Petroleum Cultural Week is practical activities, with the purpose to celebrate the 71th anniversary of August Revolution, Independence Day 2/9 and 41th founding anniversary of PetroVietnam,55 years of Tradition day of Vietnam Oil and Gas industry and the 25th anniversary of the establishment of PetroVietnam Labor Union. Simultaneously, this activity contributes to build cultural life at grassroots level, and is a very meaningful cultural festival to the comprehensive development of physical fitness and health promotion, the spirit, the will of employees.
At the opening ceremony, Ms. Nghiem Thuy Lan - Chairman of PetroVietnam Labor Union has awarded Cozy Union decorations to the local union workers have encountered difficulties in housing. Representatives of PVS Labor Union, Ms. Ly Thu Trang - Chairman of PVS Union received the decorations on behalf of Mr.  Pham Van Sinh, security guards working at the Central Branch of the Company.
Ms. Nghiem Thuy Lan awarded the Cozy Union Program supports to grassroots Unions.
Mr. Pham Van Sinh has worked for PVS for more than 7 years, is the main labor in the family and have to take care of frequently sick wife, three young children in school age, oldweak parents and born disabled sister. Currently, his family Living in temporary houses have been severely degraded that can endanger the health and lives of their families. The average income of the whole family was so low that he cannot afford repair his house to live. Thank to the attention of labor unions at all levels, he was supported by PetroVietnam Labor Union VND 80,000,000 (eighty million VND) to build new house.
This is the pleasureand great encouragement for his family in particular and all PVS company employees in general to be the Petroleum workers. And the program "Cozy Petroleum Union" is a meaningful, deeply humanistic activity, expressing the solidarity of union members and PetroVietnam employees.