Petroleum news
On 24.09.2016, in Thanh Hoa City, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) in collaboration with the General Department of Security – Ministry of Public Security, Thanh Hoa provincial police and Nghi Son Refinery & Petrochemicals Limited Liability Company (NSRP) organized a briefing conference about ensuring security and safety at the construction site of Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemicals Project.
Attending the conference, there were Lieutenant General Mr. Trinh Van Thong- Deputy Leader of the General Security Department, Mr. Ngo Van Tuan - Vice Chairman of Thanh Hoa People’s Committee, Mr. Duong Van Tien- Deputy Director of Thanh Hoa Police and managements of military command, border guards, specialized police departments in Thanh Hoa province.
Regarding the members of Management Board of PVN, there were Mr. Dinh Van Son – PVN Administrative Council member; PVN Deputy General Directors: Mr. Le Minh Hong, Mr. Le Manh Hung, Mr. Do Chi Thanh; Mr. Le Xuan Huyen NSRP Board Members, NSRP Deputy General Director Dinh Van Ngoc and leaders of PVN specialized departments, EPC Contractor (JGCS Consortium), NSRP specialized departments.
 By the end of the month 9/2016, the overall project progress achieved nearly 92%. Therein, the main items such as design, delivery was almost completed. Construction and installation work reached about 96% of work items. The project is entering the most important phase is the commissioning and operation of each part of the auxiliary workshops.
So far, the project has implemented more than 139 million hours of work; reached record levels in comparison with other projects in Vietnam, twice as high as the total number of working hours in the Dung Quat oil refinery project. The number of people on the construction site in the peak time nearly reached 30 thousand, including around 1,700 foreigners from many different nationalities. This is a huge challenge for ensuring security, safety for the refinery as well as ensuring security and order for the project nearby residential areas.
Despite enormous challenges, the safety and security situation project Nghi Son Petrochemical is basically still maintained stable, there is no occurrence of the complicated incident, both inside and outside the project construction site. In comparison with other large projects, the safety and security work here has been implemented methodically, proactively and carefully since the beginning.
PetroVietnam Security Service Corporation, (PV Security) has been well implementing the assigned tasks with the close collaboration of the Thanh Hoa provincial police. PVS employees and security guards are well trained and educated, capable of performing duties in professional manner, standards, accurately and effectively. PVS Company has promoted the valuable experience accumulated from the Dung Quat Oil Refinery project and dozens of other major projects of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group and has been appreciated by NSRP and JGCS Consortium because of the rapid mobilizations of thousands of experienced security guards in in a short time to meet urgent needs of the project;
During construction phase of project, there are many security problems arise namely violations of the project rules, violations of law (theft of property and materials, fighting cause disorder, fire incidents, social evils, etc.) those have been strictly handled by actively support of Thanh Hoa Provincial Police, Firefighting police, especially the Department of Economic Security - Thanh Hoa provincial police (PA81) and Nghi Son Police Station.
However, besides the positive results that have been already achieved, in NSRP Project, there are some complicated issues in terms of security and safety due to the influence of many factors such as large project size with joint venture parties, many subcontractors, large number of employees and workers from many countries and regions, unequal awareness of workers, different traditions and customs.
 The situation of using of fake ID cards, borrowed ID cards to access construction site is still ongoing; the action of bringing materials, properties, materials, scraps ... out of project site without permission or using modified permits is still happening; The case of hindering against PVS force tends to increase and become more complicated;
The situation of fishing boats infringing marine construction safety corridor still occurs regularly, fishing by mines/ detonators will be a major concern during the operation phase. Through the coordinated patrols by the JGCS security forces and Nghi Son Border Army force, a significant number of fishing boats infringing marine construction safety corridor have been prevented; Authorities have also arrested and conducted investigation many cases of selling/buying mines, detonators in the locality;
Traffic violation and traffic safety on the roads remain complicated; Many types of services and business in project area ​​potentially contains social evils and crimes, …causing insecurity situation. Thus, further support from the authorities is very necessary.
Representatives of PVN, Deputy General Director Mr. Le Minh Hong emphasized the importance of security activities during the construction and operation of Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemicals Complex, especially the work of applying science and technology, such as strengthening surveillance cameras in corridors and entire factory, equipping with the specialized equipment and high technologies for the security, strengthen training, counterterrorism drills, fire prevention ...
Concluding the conference, Lieutenant General Mr. Trinh Van Thong, Deputy Leader of the General Security Department emphasized that NSRP project have a particularly important role in economics, international investment in Vietnam.  Absolute security and safety of the entire project must be ensured, from the beginning until the operation. Secondly, the project construction and operation must be attached to national security and particularly the environment protection. It is not allowed to obtain economic interests then downplay the risks to people's lives because its harm is incalculable, a lot of time will be needed to overcome. Third, close coordination between the forces from the central to local levels, especially the directed involved forces those are protecting the security of project. There must be a closer plan between protecting onshore and offshore construction. The existing problems must be immediately resolved, such as the establishing the general regulations on coordination among forces and reviewing responsibilities of all levels.
During the construction process, the investor, contractor, the police force should take in to account the construction problems with the design, import of equipment and technology of the refinery for the right purpose ... The police must monitor, check the entire technological process including those are approved by relevant authorities. Security Guard need to monitor the situation and give proposal if necessary to prevent problems from occurring. The action of sabotage, hostile force infiltrating construction site should be concerned, prevented.